Application for WOSB certification MUST be submitted with a New or Recertification application. To move forward, please ensure you meet the criteria, then follow the steps below to apply.

Criteria for Certification:

  • The applicant company must be “small” in its primary industry in accordance with SBA’s size standards. Please view the listing of NAICS and their size standards for verification.
  • The applicant company must be at least fifty-one percent (51%) unconditionally and directly owned and controlled by one or more women who are U.S. citizens.
  • Management and daily operation must be controlled by one or more of the women owners.
  • The women owners must make long-term decisions for the business.
  • One of the criteria below must also be true for CORPORATIONS ONLY:
    • Women must make up a majority of the Board of Directors OR have a majority of the Board votes through weighted voting.
    • Women must make up 51% of the voting power, sit on the Board AND have enough voting power to overcome any supermajority requirement.
  • WBENC uses a two part process to ensure that the applicant company meets the WBENC WOSB Standards. This will include a thorough review of the documentation presented and a site visit interview with the female owner/s.
  • Please review the Woman-Owned Small Business Program Guide as a resource for requirements associated with the program.
    Click here for a comprehensive listing of the WOSB Program NAICS Codes.

Application Instructions:

To expedite the efficient handling of your application, please read all of these instructions before you begin the online application.

Documentation Required:

  • Proof of ACTIVE registration in SAM (Printout of Entity Overview)
  • Go to
  • NOTE: There is NO FEE required for SAM registration when using the correct government website provided.

SAM registration must be validated before the status is listed as Active. This process may take 3-5 days.

One of the following documents must be submitted:

  • Printout of 1st page of IRS Form 941 (for previous 4 quarters)
  • W-3 from previous year
  • Current list of employees (ONLY if the previous two items do not apply to our company)
  • If you are a sole owner of the applicant company, please provide a statement listing yourself as the only employee

How to Apply for WOSB Certification:

  • If interested in WOSB certification, the applicant MUST select ‘Yes’ when answering the first question of the online application in Section 1: General Information, “Would you like to apply for WOSB certification?”
    NOTE: Applicants may only apply for WOSB Certification when applying as a new or recertifying WBE applicant.
  • Upload the WOSB Documentation listed in ‘Required Documents’ section.

Once WOSB/WBENC Certification is Granted:

Once WOSB/WBENC certification is granted, applicants must complete the additional United States SBA required steps to be eligible to participate in the WOSB Federal Contracting Program:

  • Represent status in System for Award Management (SAM) as WOSB
  • Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) page
  • Create an account in the WOSB Repository
  • Complete the online version of the SBA Form 2413
  • Upload the following documents:
  • WOSB Certificate issued by WBENC
  • Any other documents requested by the SBA

*WOSB certification cannot be processed if company is 150 days or more from their WBE certification expiration without completing the WBE recertification process.