Who qualifies to be an ambassador?

A WBEC-West certified WBE who has been successful in leveraging their certification in both networking and connecting with large corporations.

Ambassadors are active in local and national activities including attending events, member of the Forum Leadership Team, committees, and are actively and successfully using their WBENC certification.

Who is eligible to be assigned an ambassador?

All WBEC-West certified WBE’s interested in understanding how to leverage their certification.

I am a WBENC certified WBE but not in the WBEC-West region, am I allowed to apply for an ambassador?

Unfortunately, no. The program is only available to WBEC-West Certified WBEs. Please contact your local RPO to see if there is a similar program.

What are some of the benefits for being assigned an Ambassador?
  • Gives certified WBEC-West WBEs one-on-one time with a seasoned WBE who has been successful in leveraging both their WBENC certification and resources available through WBEC-West and WBENC.
  • Provides answers to the “I’m certified, What now?’ question.
  • Helps to clarify the the ins and outs of being part of WBEC-West and WBENC.
  • Effectively onboards you and your company into the organization.
I think I was assigned an Ambassador, who do I contact to find out?

Please contact Renita Manley at
[email protected]

Can anyone from my organization participate in the Ambassador Program?

No, the program is available to CEO/Owner level women-business owners only. Other representatives are welcome to join the conversation if approved by the Ambassador.

How do I become an Ambassador?

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, you can connect with your local Community Liaison:

Renita Manley - [email protected]

What if I was assigned an Ambassador and am looking for an additional ambassador?

WBEC-West can only offer you one Ambassador at this time.

How do I apply for an Ambassador?

WBEC-West certified WBEs are able to submit an online request form found here . If submitted prior to the end of the month and you are certified with WBEC-West, you will receive an email introduction to your ambassador.

I was assigned an Ambassador but did not connect with them, what should I do?

Ambassador assignments expire after 30 days. If you did not connect with the Ambassador, you will need to apply for a new one.  Please only submit the application for a new assignment if you are able to dedicate time to the one-on-one meeting.