Is your product/service targeted at corporations, retail, and/or government agencies?

Typically, only corporations, retail, and government entities request certification, however, some government entities may mandate that you have their “in house” certification.



There are many benefits to being certified, but certification may not be the best option for every business. This short self-assessment quiz can help you determine if your business would benefit from WBE certification.

Does your business have the capacity to provide quality service and/or products on large contracts?

Corporate, retail, and government contracts tend to be larger contracts to which many small businesses are not accustomed to. Your business must be able to deliver on larger contracts.

Are you willing to share the details of your business including capital investment, tax returns and compensation records?

A key step in the certification process is an analysis of proprietary documents to determine the eligibility of your business.

NOTE: All information and documents submitted by your business are reviewed by members of a trained Certification Review Committee, which signs WBENC’s Non-Disclosure Agreement. All company proprietary documents and information are treated with the utmost confidentiality.


Are you clear that WBE certification is a marketing tool and DOES NOT entitle or guarantee your company will receive corporate, retail, or government contracts?

Hundreds of major U.S. corporations and federal, state and local government entities recognize WBENC certification. A benefit provided to WBENC certified women business enterprises (WBEs) is access to WBENC’s current list of supplier diversity and procurement executives.

Thousands of WBENC certified WBEs compete for business and do business with each other, as well. Those that are most successful develop a marketing and sales strategy targeting corporations, retail, and government agencies that need your product or services. They also take advantage of the formal and informal business opportunities provided by WBENC at the national level.

If you believe WBENC Certification is right for your business, WBENC encourages you take full advantage of the programs, services, and events that have been designed to give your company access to business opportunities throughout all regions.


If you answered “Yes” to all questions listed above, your business may be a good candidate for the WBENC WBE certification.